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Justice Vanguard Non Profit Cofounder
Graphic Designer, Marketing Specialist, Media Manager, Event Planner, Videographer, Photographer, Content Editor, Communication Specialist,  Website Designer, Public Speaker, Coach

"I don't make Excuses 
I make Improvements"

I am a fun and dependable colleague who is happiest when busy and productive.  I love music, travel, sports (except soccer), and animals (except small white dogs).


As a multimedia design major in college, I was taught the importance of keeping up with the ever-changing technological landscape.  I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, and a range of other design, video, and web applications, and am eager for opportunities to apply my skills, but I also want to continue to learn new things and experience different work environments.


My work with the nonprofit organization I co-founded in 2020 has strengthened my belief in the power of education to achieve social change.  I have tremendous respect for the community leaders I have met who continue the fight for racial and social justice.

Lets Make a Difference Together

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